On Wednesday morning, there were multiple shootings in Ottawa at Canada’s Parliament building. One Canadian solider along with a suspect are dead. It’s a tragic and sad time for Canada and all of the people involved. It’s definitely not a time to joke, and someone should really tell model Chrissy Teigen that.

Teigen, who happens to be one of our favorite models, sent an extremely insensitive tweet on Wednesday to her 539,000 followers.

Teigen then went on to say that she wasn’t joking and that the tweet was a knock at America and it’s gun control laws, not the situation in Canada. She then went on to say that she doesn’t think what she said was wrong at all.

Well, not everyone is taking what she said lightly. Thousands of tweets have come in attacking the 29-year-old Sports Illustrated model. Many are commenting about how she should “stick to modeling” and how lucky she is that she’s “pretty.” And although Teigen is holding her ground on her tweet, she did acknowledge that she forgot how much it sucks when you “piss people off.” Let’s just say, it’s really not pretty. We just have to say, girl we love you, but you have know there is a time and place for snarkiness, and after a devastating situation, is not the time.

Here’s a lesson to everyone: Think before you tweet.

What do you think of Chrissy Teigen’s tweet about the Canada shooting?