disney lingerie


Yep, you read that correctly. You can now purchase Disney princess themed lingerie.

Japanese Company Bellemaison has recently released this collection, bra and panty sets that are based on four of the most popular Disney Princesses: Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. Each set is made to make the wearer feel extremely royal and princess-like. The sets are apart of Bellemaison’s 20th anniversary of their Disney “Fantasy Shop” and are licensed by Disney…which may seem surprising to you.

But to be completely honest, something about this doesn’t sit well with me. Not sure if it’s the synthetic material or the bizareness of sexualizing Disney Princess, who are supposed to be role models for young girls no less. AND Belle’s underwear is supposedly inspired by her famous golden gown, but it’s really more of a mustard, and that rose is much too on-the-nose. Also, her name is spelled “Bell” on the advertisement. Disappointing. Although this collection isn’t directly marketed towards these young girls, the inherent message attached to them promotes the sexuality of the princesses in a way that probably wasn’t intended. The colors are pretty, the bra’s have pleasant patterns and don’t look terribly uncomfortable. However this isn’t going to be something I’m going to rush out to buy any time soon. 

However, as I am an avid Disney World go-er, I do think these would be a hit at the parks, as long as they are kept separate from the little kids toys and clothing. And a little best kept secret from me to you, Disneyland actually opened a store on Main Street USA that sells undergarments called “Wizard of Bras.” So as crazy as this may seem, Disney totally would be behind a lingerie line like this.

If you’re not totally creeped out or slightly horrified by this line, you can purchase them online for the US equivalent of about $38.

Will you buy Disney themed lingerie?