Parting with your favorite pair of shoes is such sweet sorrow, especially when they were more expensive than a steak dinner.  Luckily for us, the Borgezie Riviera stilettos from the House of Borgezie, will last you 1,000 years. That’s right 1,000 years. “They simply cannot age or deteriorate in any way or form,” designer Chris Shellis told the Daily Mail.

So, what could these heels possibly be made from that they have such an incredible lifespan? According to the news agency, they are made from stainless steel and solid silver. They also have a removable sole and heel. We know what you’re thinking… “who would want to walk around with steel shoes all day?” Yeah, we thought the same thing, but Shellis says they are arguably the most comfortable heels in the world thanks to silicon liners and the flexibility of the shoe. “‘I’ve had models wearing them for 10 hours a day up and down the catwalk – there’s no real pressure points.”


Borgezie Riviera stilettosphoto via House of Borgezie

They’re actually not horrendous looking. They could indeed work with quite a few outfits we own. Just be ready to ante up — a pair of these bad boys costs about $1,673. But remember, they’re going to last you 1,000 years… even though you’ll never really know if that’s true or not.

Head over to the Daily Mail to read more about these heels, and be sure to check out the House of Borgezie’s website for photos and videos.