Suffice to say, we loved Stella McCartney’s fall 2013 show. The mix of feminine and androgynous silhouettes and glorious minimalist Savile Row homage, paired with what McCartney called “the wealth and richness of adding in volume” had us at first glance.

Monday morning’s show at Paris’ Palais Garnier was an expectedly star-studded event. Ms. McCartney’s father (and newest Nirvana member) Sir Paul sat front row alongside Jessica Alba, Kanye West, and everyone’s favorite messiah, Bono.

While Macca was more than a little excited about his daughter’s latest work… “I thought it was very strong! […] I like the hats, I like the pinstripes, I like the boots… And I can’t wait to wear them!”, Bono clearly outdid him. Stunned by the designs into a state of cerebral paralysis, he erupted in a series of seemingly contextless words. “She’s black and white! And gray! Love…fashion…music…” We can’t help but recall that time Kanye West had a similar outburst… Scroll down for the aforementioned video weirdness.

Stella McCartney A/W 2013 Stella McCartney A/W 2013 via