Blake Lively is a gorgeous actress, celebrity, wife and now new mother. Lively is the envy of many with her beyond-human hair, flawless skin, impeccable taste and fashion, and overall incredible beauty. Although her outrageous beauty seems unattainable, you can emulate Lively’s best features by stealing a few of her tried and true beauty tricks. Try a few of the following beauty hacks to follow in Lively’s footsteps and amp up your look.

blake lively hair

Strong, Shiny Hair

We all know that Blake’s gorgeous golden locks are on point. To keep her hair strong and shiny, Blake uses a little tip that her mom gave her years ago. She takes a small amount of coconut oil or mayonnaise and applies it to her hair from the ears down, making sure to cover the ends. She then lets it sit, sometimes overnight, until she washes it out. With this method, it’s best to cover the bottom half of your hair, which is the driest part of the hair for most people. After applying, Lively shampoos her roots and lets the shampoo cleanse through the bottom half. The coconut oil protects, smoothes, conditions, and shines her strands to help keep them beautiful and strong.

A Glimmering Smile

As one of Hollywood’s favorites, Blake is always ready for a photo, and is hardly ever found without a big smile on her face. She keeps her smile perfectly white by doing a few different things. Blake uses a professional at-home whitening treatment to keep her smile sparkly white. A dentist in downtown Toronto at Toothworks suggests that you don’t use at home teeth-whitening methods more than once a week since many of these products are damaging to tooth enamel. Of course, Lively always brushes and flosses on a regular basis, especially before bed. She is also very conscious of what she eats since many foods can stain your teeth. It seems like Lively also plays up the whiteness of her teeth with makeup. She makes sure she uses lipsticks and makeup that accentuate the color of her teeth, making them look even brighter.

Sexy Beach Waves

Of all her styles, Blake’s beachy waves are definitely the most famous, and the most envied. Lively admits that it can be hard to maintain the “beach” look while in New York, but there are a lot of good products on the market to achieve the style. Surprisingly, Lively literally uses ocean water and lets her hair air-dry in order to achieve true beachy waves. While you might not have a jug of saltwater lying around, you can avoid the blow-dryer in order to protect your hair, and achieve a wavy, mermaid look.

Voluminous Locks

Not only does Lively have beautiful color, shine, and wave to her hair, but she always has crazy volume that makes us green with envy. To get Blake’s thick long hair, she uses L’Oreal’s Elive Fibrology shampoo.

All Eyes on Blake

Many celebrities love to wear dark eye makeup or a cat eye to accentuate their gorgeous eyes. However, Blake is not a big fan of a lot of heavy eye makeup and likes more of a natural look to help her baby blues stand out. One way she does this is by using a darker blue eyeliner (her makeup artist prefers Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencils) just around the waterline of her lashes. This darker blue line really plays up her beautiful blue eyes without making her eye makeup heavy and too dramatic.

With all that said, it might be nearly impossible to be as flawless as Blake, but at least you you can steal a few of her go-to beauty secrets and channel your inner Blake Lively as you emulate her best features. Lively is a fan of classy, yet natural looks, and most importantly loves to rock her own style. Take a few notes from her, and before you know it you’ll look red-carpet ready and effortlessly gorgeous.

Will you try Blake Lively’s beauty routine?

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