Well, this just might be the craziest thing we’ve ever heard.

Hermes’s most signature luxury handbag, the Birkin bag  has been reported to have very unfortunate issue these days. According to the New York Post, customers have stated that after purchasing the $20,000 bag (yes that’s how much they cost), it started to smell like a skunk… or marijuana. Evidently, this only happens when the bag is in direct sunlight or in a heated car due to the tanning process. “Owners are returning the Hermès bags back to boutiques across the US, including the Madison Avenue store, saying they smell of skunk. The bags are being sent back to Paris as nobody knows quite how to deal with this embarrassing situation,” a source told the Post.

birkin bag weed

This problem stems from the “badly tanned” batch of leather from suppliers to Hermes stores. Unfortunately, these bags have already been distributed to boutiques worldwide and will now be on back or special order to correct the issue. The problem thankfully hasn’t affected all Hermes leather products, and coincidentally does depend on varying colors ranging in designs. In order to fix this embarrassing problem, Hermes has sent the bags back to Paris to have the bad smelling leather panels removed and the entire bag reconstructed.

Fortunately for Hermes, this issue will most likely not effect future sales at all. They have developed very loyal customer clientele including Kim Kardashian, who will always be proud to sport there Birkin around despite this little mishap. Head over to the New York Post for more information.

What do you think about the smelly Birkin bag?

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