Bey, Bey, Bey. What happened?

On Thursday, Beyonce posted a photo on Instagram of herself playing golf while on vacationing in the Dominican Republic. The singer has her head down and seems to be in the perfect stance to send that ball flying. When she posted it, it seemed like a pretty innocent shot, until a slew of comments came in from her followers saying that she photoshopped a thigh gap into the picture.

If you look closely, one of Bey’s legs looks like, well, a leg. But her other one seems to have a bit of an indentation, which honestly does look like a photoshop fail… or maybe that’s just the shape of her leg. On a higher-resolution image that’s on her Tumblr, it really just looks like a muscular thigh that we all know Beyonce is known for (and we love her for it.) But commentators aren’t buying what we’re selling. “Baddddddd photoshop LOLLL,” one person wrote. “If you think this isn’t photoshopped, you’re crazy,” chimed in another. Of course, there were those who defended Beyonce, saying things like her diet, exercise and extreme amount of money are why she has a thigh gap.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of something like this though. Mirand Kerr was also accused of posting a photoshopped image to her Instagram, which indeed turned out to be retouched. However, the model admitted it was a photo taken from the internet and was quick to remove the faulty one and replace it with the original. We doubt Beyonce will comment on this… and we truly think we should be giving her the benefit of the doubt. After all, she’s always owned her curves and never apologizes for them.