Back in April, Beyonce launched a social media movement, asking people from all over the world to define what pretty means to them. She encouraged people to upload photos to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #whatispretty. The results that have poured in are incredibly moving and inspiring.

All the images have been uploaded to Beyonce‘s site Formally, the sit was a blank page, but now it’s covered in photos of people, animals, exotic places, scenery, art and more.  People from nearly every walk of life came together to show what they think is pretty… and that’s pretty amazing — get it?

Beyonce and her team also made two YouTube videos by compiling videos that were uploaded by users. This is where the waterworks come on. As if the images alone weren’t beautiful enough, hearing people explaining what pretty is, just melts our hearts. “Pretty is the acceptance of someone’s positive energy through physical medium,” one person said. “I think pretty is just being you, and I think society puts too much pressure on what they think pretty is,” said another.

The singer started the movement on the heels of the release of her video “Pretty Hurts.” The song aims to break stereotypes of what people think qualifies as beautiful.

You can get involved with Beyonce’s movement by going to her website. Or just upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag! Watch one of the videos below!