The world let out a huge sigh when we found out that Beyonce’s thighs do in fact touch. WE KNOW, RIGHT!?

The relief came when Queen Bey posted photos of herself on her website wearing a white bikini. In the images, we see that Beyonce’s thighs do touch, dispelling any rumors that she photoshops her legs before posting the photos on social media.

In case you haven’t heard, many a people have accused Beyonce of giving herself a bigger thigh gap than she really has — this has happened on multiple occasions: once when Beyonce was golfing, another time when she was yachting.  Those images had caused a lot of controversy since the background of the photos also seemed to be altered a bit.

Clearly, these shots have not been altered as we can perfectly see Beyonce’s thighs in all of their glory. Oh, and can we comment and say how amazingly fabulous she looks? What these prove is that Beyonce clearly doesn’t have a problem with her natural body (nor should she) so we can all stop hating on the Queen. Instead, let’s just celebrate with Beyonce that she has a curvalicious body and ain’t no one complaining about that. Scroll through the photos below, and be sure to head over to Beyonce’s Tumblr for other fabulous photos.

beyonces thighs

beyonces thighs touch


What do you think of Beyonce’s photos?