Jay Z might be rocking all black everything, but his wife and sister-in-law are all about the pink.

Beyonce and Solange Knowles both stepped out in incredible hot pink outfits on Wednesday (cue Mean Girl reference). Beyonce wore a chic romper with matching heels and a black and red clutch while out in New York City. The younger Knowles opted for a sexy pink suit with silver heels and green clutch while at a Gucci Beauty event. Bey chose to wear her hair pulled back while her bangs hung in front of her face, while Solange wore her hair down with a lot of volume. We’re not even going to try to pull a “who wore the color best?” scenario because both of the women looked great and totally rocked this color.

And in case you were wondering, all of that family drama is well behind these two. Beyonce and Solange were out earlier this week during the Chime for Change one-year anniversary event in New York City. Ironically enough, the two wore matching outfits then, too! Bey went with a white jumpsuit and Solange went with white pants, both outfits had plunging necklines, showing off their assets. So, hooray to things getting back to normal. 

Whose pink outfit would you wear: Beyonce’s or Solange’s?