There are so many things we know we would feel if we ever got the opportunity to meet Beyonce: overjoyed, fascinated, blessed. We definitely don’t think we would be fearful of Queen Bey, like the employees at Bergdorf Goodman supposedly were when the singer stopped by for a little shopping trip in New York.

A “source” reportedly told New York Post’s Page Six that “the staff was all very nervous because she is known to have people fired.” WHAT? Our beloved Queen? This trepidation from the employees supposedly comes from an incident that happened last year when a saleswoman from Bergdorf’s fine jewelry department was fired after she Tweeted a photo of Jay and Bey shopping.

Beyonce has been known for being, uh, particular about people photographing her, but as far as getting people fired? We’re not so sure, but you know what they say…Beyonce Bossy Boss Gif

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