ICYMI: Beyonce showed off her her killer legs on Instagram as she modeled a geometric-patterned romper. Obviously Bey looked amazing, but what is even more incredible, is where she bought said romper.

Are you ready for this? Beyonce bought the romper on Etsy! Yes, you read that right… Etsy! The Tierra Romper, designed by Ruben Reuel of DemestiksNewYork, features cap sleeves, an elastic waste band and a snap closure bodice, which clearly Beyonce filled out quite lovely. According to the listing on Etsy, it is made from Holland Wax Fabric. Fashion Bomb Daily reports that Beyonce paid a mere $110 for the outfit… not too bad! The designer is based in Brooklyn, and it looks like Beyonce is falling in love with all of his designs. On July 13th, Bey Instagrammed herself wearing the desginer’s Nay Nay African Print Shirt and Ramonde Pencil Skirt — the skirt is actually still available, so we suggest you get on that ASAP!

We have to give it to Beyonce. On stage she’s wearing designers like Valentino and Givenchy, but when she is just hanging out, she’s supporting local designers from Etsy. And that ladies and gentlemen is what call classy — but did you expect anything else? Yeah, neither did we. Also, can we just say that Beyonce is the only person we know who can buy something on Etsy and make it look like Haute Couture — just saying. Head over to Beyonce’s Instagram to keep up with all of her fashion hits, and be sure to check out DemestiksNewYork’s Etsy page — maybe you’ll beat Bey to the punch on an outfit.


What do you think of Beyonce’s romper?