How do you define pretty? That’s what Beyonce wants to know.

The singer graces the cover of TIME Magazine’s 100 issue, which honors the most influential people in the world. On the heels of this, Beyonce allowed to be the first official outlet to release her video “Pretty Hurts”. With the release, Beyonce is trying to start a social media movement asking Instagram users to upload a photo or video with the hashtag #WhatIsPretty to show her how you define the word. She even created a website, but it’s just a landing page as of now (it could remain that way forever — maybe that’s the point?)

This definitely a very interesting way to promote her latest single. We’ve all heard the song from her self-titled album, but the video definitely brings Beyonce’s lyrics to life. The whole video is based upon a beauty pageant that Beyonce is trying to win. We see her weigh herself, Vaseline her teeth and even regurgitate — all to obtain what society thinks is beautiful. “Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worst. Perfection is a disease of a nation,” she sings.

Of course, this might ruffle a few feathers. Just a few weeks ago Beyonce was accused of photoshopping a thigh gap into a photo of herself playing golf while on vacation. The Instagram picture caused many people to question Beyonce and her usual attitude of loving and owning your body. Bey has yet to comment about that photo, but either way, the #WhatIsPretty initiative is definitely a positive way to explore beauty.

Head over to TIME Magazine to read more about the singerH/T ELLE.