In case  you haven’t heard, thigh gaps are huge topic. People literally stress out about wanting one, not wanting one, having one, not having one. To be honest, it’s ridiculous. We are telling you, our readers, there is no reason to be stressing over the amount of space that is in between your legs, and we’re hope you know this. But do we really need to have a sit down with Beyonce about it?

The reason we bring this up, is because Queen Bey is being accused of photoshopping her already perfect and amazing thighs. In new photos from her Tumblr, we see the singer celebrating her 33rd birthday with her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy. We also see slight evidence that Bey altered one image of her in a bikini walking down the stairs of a yacht. At first glance, Beyonce looks like her incredible self. But if you look closer, you see that one of the stairs (near the middle part of her thighs) becomes a bit diagonal. It gets worse because in the reflection of Beyonce and the step, everything appears normal — making it seem like it was in fact photoshopped. But to contradict that, her thighs look the same in both — are we really here discussing Beyonce’s thighs?


Obviously the internet went cray calling the Queen out on this.

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This is the third time this year that Beyonce has been accused of photoshopping her images. The singer hasn’t responded to any accusations because why would she? Take a look at the photo below, and let us know what you think about this whole debacle?

beyonce photoshop thigh gap photos

Do you think Beyonce photoshopped her thighs in this photo?