Before Jay-Z and Beyonce announced they would be going on tour together AKA before they made everyone lose their damn minds, Beyonce’s Instagram gave us a little fashion treat.

The singer put up three photos today showcasing her incredible style and beauty. The first was of Bey in a yellow printed jumpsuit, wearing nude heels and sunglasses while standing in front of a hot dog stand in New York City (or at least we’re like, 99.9% sure it’s New York City.) Then, just a little while later, we see a shot of Beyonce rocking gold pants and shoes with an awesome comic book-inspired sweatshirt. And finally, we see the image to end all images. Beyonce posted a photo of herself in a red bathing suit. Her hair is down, long and blonde. Her lips are bright red. It’s perfection.

Each image has well over 300,000 likes on the social media platform, but really, did you expect anything else? Beyonce is always posting photos, but these three have such variety. We’re not sure what we did to deserve such a treat — but we’ll take it. Maybe she was trying to get us SUPER hyped for her and Jay-Z’s “On The Run” Tour.

We’re just happy that during our mid-day slump (or morning/night slump — depending on where you live), Beyonce was able to get us excited! How could you not be happy looking at those colorful prints?