Style Beyonce’s Kale Sweatshirt Is Everything

Beyonce’s Kale Sweatshirt Is Everything

In case you haven’t checked out Beyone’s new music video 7/11, we advise you do so ASAP. Yet again, Queen Bey has created the ultimate music video that will have you swooning over her amazing dance moves and of course her fashion choices.

Although we usually see a choreographed video from Beyonce, this video definitely showed what Beyonce is like her own element at her house, or in this case a hotel room. It reveals that even if Beyonce is just hanging out, she can’t help but literally blow our minds with insane dance moves and impossible perfection. The 7/11 video includes her dancing outside on a balcony, hanging out in bed, spinning around with a cup of alcohol (without dropping that alcohol ) wearing a bath robe, and yes, all while being in her underwear. It’s the best homemade video that makes us feel like were hanging out with the Queen herself.

beyonce 7-11 outfits

Our favorite look in particular from the music video is from the opening scene where she is wearing what we think is an iconic KALE sweatshirt (that we actually just purchased for ourselves). If you love Beyonce as much as we do, and want to get her look, we attached the link below for you to purchase it before it sells out. And believe us, it will sell out!

Kale UNISEX Sweatshirt | $48.00


beyonce kale sweatshirt

 What do you like of Beyonce’s Kale sweatshirt?

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