Bow down, bow down, bow dowwwwwwn. It’s our Queen’s birthday! Beyonce turns 33 years old today, and the woman is more fierce now than she has ever been. And while obviously her voice sounds like one hundred angels are singing together in perfect harmony, we think this year, it’s time for Bey to step out with a new occupation: fashion blogger.

There’s one huge requirement for being a fashion blogger (besides for having amazing style) and that’s having an amazing Instagram account that showcases that great style sense. Beyonce has, excuse us as we channel the one and only Kanye West, the greatest Instagram of all time. Sure there are cute photos of Blue Ivy, some wow-worthy vacation pics, but really, Beyonce has turned her Instagram into a outfit of the day account. Plus, it’s the photos that she posts when she’s not at some big event that always look the best. To see that she’s constantly up on her style, even when golfing, proves she’s got a knack for this. Which brings us to our point of her needing to start a fashion blog ASAP so we can constantly be up-to-date on who she is wearing, what she is wearing and why she is wearing it. If you don’t believe us just scroll through the photos below and let Beyonce show you how it’s done.

On trend, on trend, on trend!

All jean everything.

BRB… having a heart attack over this cuteness.

She bought this outfit on Etsy — no, we’re not lying.

We would say pink is her color, but really, every color is her color.

Diva coming THROUGH!


Chic. Chic. Chic.

That hair.

That smile.


Tell us who else could look good in this outfit?


Happy Beyonce Day to you!