In case you haven’t heard, Beyonce got bangs. Not side-sweep bangs or brow-skimming bangs. Bey got straight up Bettie Paige short, blunt bangs — and it seems like the internet just cannot handle it.

After seeing the paparazzi photos of Beyonce debuting her new look in Paris, a slew of articles, tweets and Facebook posts came in about how they are, well, not great. Some people made the joke that Blue Ivy had cut her mother’s hair. Other’s commented about how they need privacy during this “very difficult time.” Then there were people who just sent out prayers for Bey and her hair.

Listen, while we’re guilty of calling out a bad celebrity hair cut just as quickly as the next person, we do think this is going a little too far. When you look like Beyonce Knowles, you can shave ya damn head and still make the world stop spinning when you step out of a car — amirite? Plus, we’ve seen this style on the singer before. Remember that little song called “Telephone” by Lady Gaga? Yeah, Beyonce sang on the track and in the video had these exact bangs, so what’s the big hoopla right now? Also, we have no idea why Beyonce changed up her look — perhaps it’s for a video (that will eventually break the internet when it comes out) or maybe she just wanted to do something different. OR maybe Blue Ivy did in fact cut her mother’s hair, and to that we say, Bey, you’re the best mom ever.

What do you think of these Beyonce bangs?