Sunglasses do more than just block the sun from your peepers, they can also be the perfect finishing accessory for your wardrobe. It’s always good to have a few on hand to mix it up; after all, not all sunnies are created equal. Without further ado, here’s our list of the best summer sunglasses.

The Cateye

sunglassesThe cateye, like most of the styles on our list, is a classic shape for sunnies. The style was popularized during the 50’s and 60’s, but is becoming one of the go-to styles for the Summer. It’s since been updated by the industry, varying between a subtle and slight style and a highly slanted, alien-like look. We recommend the simpler style for a more toned down, natural look. If you’re style has a little more edge to it, try the dramatic version. The cateye has saturated the market, and you can find it everywhere from Pacsun to Nordstrom.

The Lennon

sunglassesThe perfectly rounded rims of this style were popularized by John Lennon in the 70’s. Since then, they have become one of the more popular options. They are out in serious force this Summer. These shades are nice and simple, and can be paired with nearly any outfit. They are great for an edgier look if you’re looking to add some toughness to your repertoire. Forever 21 has a ton of the Lennon in stock, but these version are either updated with a thicker frame or blended together with the cateye style.

The Embellishment 


Last but not least, frames that are decked out in crazy patterns are going to be the defining shade of the summer. Floral decals seem to be the industries main squeeze at the moment, but other additions that vary from hotdog patterns to fake chains are also in vogue. Nasty Gal, of course, is on top of their game and offers a ton of these styles. Too much? Try a heart shaped frame instead.

Still not sure if any of these styles are for you? Try glasses with a very slight cateye. Not only are they one of the hot styles for the seasons, but they flatter most faces and can be dressed up casually and formally with no sweat. If none of these looks are your cup of tea, remember that wayfarers, oversized “bugged-eyed” glasses and aviators are always in. When it comes down to it, protecting your eyes in sunnies that make you feel comfortable is whats most important.