For fashionistas everywhere, blogs are like water: we need them to survive. If you want to find the latest trends, or get some ideas on how to make an old t-shirt look chic, all of you have to do is find a great fashion blog, and we’re sure you’ll see what you’re looking for. However, there is one problem: there are so many! There are so, so many great fashion blogs out there, that it’s pretty hard to keep track of all them. Of course, you’re familiar with the big fashion bloggers like What Courtney Wore and Man Repeller, but what about all of the other, smaller ones you’re missing out on? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite lesser known, but still pretty amazing, fashion blogs you need to check out ASAP.

Natasha Ndlovu: Bisous Natasha 

best fashion bloggers Natasha Ndlovu

 This London blogger doesn’t have a lot of social media followers, but she’s gorgeous, creative and so fashionable!

Silvia: Lady Addict

style lovely fashion blogger

We came across this blogger while browsing Pinterest and instantly fell in love with her style.

Marianna Hewitt: La La Mer


This Los Angeles beauty gained some fame after being dubbed Kim Kardashian’s twin.

Arielle Noa Nachmani: Something Navy

something navy blog

New Yorkers and well, pretty much everyone else, are obsessed with her cool, effortless style.

Mary Seng: Happily Grey

happily grey blog

This blog is bleak — and we mean that in the BEST way possible

Hanneli Mustaparta: Hanneli


Chic is an understatement. This model/blogger is so incredible, she has been featured in Vogue!

Which of these fashion bloggers is your favorite?