With LUSH opening its first North American day spas in New York City and Philly, we thought it was high-time we rounded up a list of LUSH products that you absolutely need to try ASAP. We know it can be pretty overwhelming when walking into a LUSH store (or, if you’re not so lucky to have a store near you, browsing online) for the first or 100th time, so we hope this list of our favorites helps both alleviate the pressure of wanting to buy everything in sight and prevent the disappointment of leaving empty-handed.

 Big Shampoo

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For intense volume, look no further than Big shampoo. Packed with massive sea salt crystals, this shampoo exfoliates the scalp and de-greases for a deep cleanse as well as adds beachy body without the salt-spray-texturizer feel. Plus, coconut oil, seaweed infusion, avocado butter and fresh citrus juices provide incredible softness, shine and a refreshing scent that lasts all day. One of LUSH’s best-sellers with very good reason.

11.4 oz tub available for $26.95 in stores and online

 King of Skin Body Butter

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We could all use a few extra minutes to get ready in the morning, and King of Skin is here to assist in that. The body butter bar essentially replaces your post-showering moisturizing step as you rub it all over in the shower (the butter will melt on contact) and gently pat dry. The cocoa butter base blended with mashed bananas and avocados keeps the skin soft and hydrated all day without feeling greasy while the lavender oil and oat milk leave a subtly sweet scent on the skin.

3.3 oz bar available for $13.95 in stores and online

Rose Queen Bath Bomb

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If you only know one thing about LUSH, it’s probably that their bath bombs are legendary. Rose Queen is probably one of their most popular bath bombs, and it’s easy to see why: once dropped in a full tub, it dissolves to create hot pink bath water filled with dried rose petals, aka the most luxurious bath you’ll ever take. The best part: it leaves your skin unbelievably soft and smelling like roses–really!

3.2 oz bomb available for $5.25 in stores and online

 Rub Rub Rub Sea Salt Scrub

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Ok, you’re probably thinking to yourself “I can get a sea salt scrub anywhere,” but believe us when we say this stuff is fantastic. Unlike other salt scrubs, Rub Rub Rub’s mineral-rich, skin-softening sea salt actually dissolves after just a few seconds of exfoliating to leave a slick gel on the skin, making it perfect for shaving. And its bright blue hue and mimosa blossom scent only add to its addictiveness.

11.8 oz tub available for $21.95 in stores and online

Godiva Solid Shampoo

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If the sound of a “solid shampoo” makes you doubtful, let us make the case for Godiva. The bar only requires a few swipes over the hair to get them sudsy (solid shampoo is known to last twice as long as liquid shampoo) and the cornucopia of essential oils, cocoa butter and shea butter actually deliver deep cleansing accompanied by intense hydration, while camellia oil smooths the hair for easy detangling and mirror shine. Oh, and its jasmine scent is heavenly!

1.9 oz bar available for $11.95 in stores and online

What is your favorite LUSH product?


Photos via LUSH