Here are two things we love:

1) Excess

2) Matt Damon

Behind the Candelabra: The Secret Life of Liberace, the upcoming made-for-it’s-not-TV-it’s-HBO biopic has both in spades.  The film, which stars Michael Douglas as the late, great, over-the-top pianist and focuses on his six-year relationship with the much younger Scott Thorson (played in floppy-haired glory by Matt Damon) and all of the excess, plastic surgery, and metallic outfits that led up to Liberace’s death from AIDS in 1987.

Matt is looking like a delight in the sequin-drenched trailer, and a promotional shot of him in a white spangled military suit, a faint hint of baby pink gloss on his lips. And Michael Douglas has apparently taken the roll to heart, based on this anecdote from Matt “…The Sunday before we started shooting, Michael had a brunch at his house, and his son sat up in front of everybody and did the entire monologue with the [piano-playing] hand movements and everything. And I thought, ‘Oh my God. I can’t imagine how much Michael has been rehearsing for his 11-year-old son to be able to actually do the thing!’”

Behind the Candelabra premiers on HBO May 26.