Here in America, we’re constantly looking to other parts of the world for beauty secrets. In fact, some of the best tips we’ve ever learned came after we stopped someone who was say, Greek, and asked them how they got such glowing skin. That’s why we think it’s only fair to do a little roundup of the best beauty secrets from around the world. Some of them are a little out of our comfort zone, but we think every one of them is worth a shot.


A little slapping goes a long way. According to stylist Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, slapping your face is quite common in Korea, because it stimulates circulations and aids in the elasticity of your skin.


Turmeric is a must in India says makeup artist Kirin Bhatty. When applied in a mask (click here for directions), it will clear, brighten and soften skin.


Ever wonder how Sophia Loren looks so good for her age? It’s probably garlic. Next time you have a terrible breakout, try rubbing some garlic on it. xoVain writer Carla says her Nonna swears by it.


Looking for luscious locks? Try soaking some jalapeño peppers in tequila for a few days. Then, wash your hair with the mixture.


Forget putting cucumbers on your eyes, the ladies of Spain swear by thin potato slices!


It’s all about soaking in seaweed. Seaweed naturally moisturizes and cleanses your skin.

South Africa:

Two words: Rooibos Tea. You can drink this or wash your face with the tea water!

What are some of your favorite beauty secrets from around the world?