You’ve heard it time and time again: All you really need to look awake are the long lashes created by our tried and true friend, mascara. While this (not-so-secret) beauty tip may hold true and have gotten us through some rough days, our regular usage of it might have repercussions that are not as pretty. You might want to think twice before you put on those extra 10 coats of mascara on the daily. Take a gander at this partial ingredient list:

mascara ingredients

While not every single thing is found in every last mascara formula, there is a great chance that many contain these chemicals and ingredients, leading to blockages and build up in and around your eye. Yuck! Not sure what these are? We’ll give you a closer look.

Disteardimonium Hectorite: A thickening molecule with a nitrogen body

The clay-like substance hectorite coats hairs, giving them bulk (read: volume) and a “positive charge.” Since hair has a negative charge, the molecule’s positive charge allows the formula to stick to lashes. Now, imagine getting that stuck in your eye…

Iron Oxide: A dark metallic pigment with magnetic properties

Mascara can contain so much of this that wearing it during an MRI is strictly forbidden. The mascara’s “magnetic force” can be so strong that it has the potential to create splotches over your eyes in MRI images that doctors may interpret as melanomas.

Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer: A glossy coat over your lashes

While the ingredient itself has been dubbed as “practically nonirritating,” this was only deduced after having been tested on the eyeballs of live rabbits. So, keep in mind that when dealing with beauty products, not only do you have to worry about what the side effects might be for you but also what cruel methods of testing have been carried out on innocent animals.

So what do we suggest? There is no way we could tell you to give up your mascara, but we can point you toward more ethical and natural mascara products. This way we can ensure a cruelty-free product and a healthier future for our precious vision.

AVEDA Mosscara | $18

aveda mosscara

Did you know that AVEDA is a PETA-approved beauty and cosmetics company? It also prides itself in being all-natural and perfect for those with sensitive skin and eyes. Its earthy formula is safe on you and the environment, so we think it’s a win-win!

DIY All Natural Homemade Mascara | Thank Your Body


If you’re looking to be 100 percent secure in the origin of your beauty product and the ingredients used, just whip up a batch at home. Making mascara is daring but worth a shot. Coconut oil, aloe vera, beeswax, and activated charcoal is all you need!

How do you keep your lashes long year-round?