Every day we lather ourselves up with whatever lotion best suits our needs, whether that be toning down oily skin, replenishing dry skin, or treating anything in between. We all decide for ourselves which one really does the trick, because every manufacturer claims to have the perfect formula for you.

But have you ever delved into what’s in your body lotion? Let’s break down the average creamy substance here.


This is only a partial list, but from what we can see here, it’s a little scary. What is methylisothiazolinone, anyway? (A quick search will show you that it’s a chemical that can cause nerve damage. Yikes.) People have become so attentive to what they eat that it only makes sense to apply the same logic to something you use on your skin, the largest organ of your body, yet so many don’t.

Your skin is a porous surface that absorbs quite a bit, so to get a better understanding, let’s take a look at these ingredients. Not all of them are unusual — lanolin, for example, is natural wax, and glyceryl oleate is a fat extracted from vegetable oils — but some of these ingredients are a little questionable. For one, aluminum, as we all know, can be found in cans and cars. Farnesol can be used in pesticides for mites.

Some of these ingredients aren’t just unusual though — they’re toxic. Parabens, which is found in so many cosmetics (you’d be surprised), have been linked to cancer-causing cells. Oxybenzone has been found to be a hormone disruptor. Watch our for this guy in sunscreens, too.

It’s best to stay in the know and make an informed decision of what you choose to lather on your skin. Not everyone is concerned with these details, but everyone should at least know that there are people out there hand-making perfectly healthy, organic, and all-natural alternatives.

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Ellovi Butter contains only five ingredients: macadamia seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, organic corn starch, and Shea butter. Check out our Beauty Report for more information about this one! Ellovi also just came out with a lip butter (free today with a purchase of body butter), and we’re dying to try it.

Wellness Mama’s Body Lotion Recipe

Homemade-Lotion-Recipe-all-natural-and-easy-to-makevia Wellness Mama

 You can also take a crack at making your own body lotion! It doesn’t look too complicated from where we’re sitting. Almond or olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax should do the trick (plus some extra natural ingredients if you want to spruce it up a bit). Try it out and let us know how it goes!

There are a variety of oils, like argon oil and coconut oil, that are great alternatives for skin care (and usually they can be used for other things, too, like hair care and even cooking). Check out this breakdown of the best beauty oils.

What will you use to moisturize this season?

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