We’re living a world where clothes, food and beauty products can be delivered right to your door for a small fee, making your life so much easier. But have you thought about how you could maybe make someone else’s life a little easier and a little brighter? Enter TreatMint Box, the beauty box that is specifically filled with gifts for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors.

Started by Kimberly Fink, a uterine cancer survivor, and Wendy Nicholas, the box comes complete with a mix of goodies like art prints, beauty products, accessories and more. “Choosing the right items is important to me. I want the box to be filled with both comfort and inspirational items. Keeping your mind in a good place is half of the battle, and I think people benefit from visual reminders of their own strength,” Fink told HuffPost Style.

beauty box treatmint

Currently, there is a TreatMint box for men and one for women. On the website it shows that one for a girls and one for boys will be available soon. A box can be purchased for just $50 for one month, $136 for three months, $270 for six months or $540 for one year, with 10 % of sales going to charities that support those with cancer. Besides for the obvious, what’s so special about this beauty box is the impact that it has on the people who receive it — a little reminder they are not alone. “I can’t stress enough how [continued] support is so mentally healing,” Fink said.

Head over to HuffPost Style to read more with Fink, and be sure to check out TreatMint Box’s website for more information.

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