lash galore beauty addicts

It’s packed full of Pro Vitamin B5 and silk protein, so Beauty Addicts’ LashGalore Mascara is serious about helping your lashes stay healthy. You’ll also find yourself sporting some serious new advances in your lashes’ thickness and length.Personally, I found that I only needed one coat to get a dramatic look, and was thrilled that the long thin brush could be easily maneuvered to the base of the lash. It ‘s also great for working at an angle to give end lashes an extra thick coat.

The Ultra Black color rivals Maybelline’s Very Black, so users will find the color to be dramatic enough. Tthe formula doesn’t clump or cause any irritation, either. That’s a real relief to those of us who wear contacts and can only use preservative-free eye products. This product was also tested through a few days in 100-degree Florida weather. Still no smearing or tearing. In fact, this mascara lasted admirably during a water aerobics class and a few hours of sunbathing. You might even need a second round of eye makeup remover when you’re going to bed.

Beauty Addicts has also invested in a black shiny plastic case. It’s sturdy enough to withstand any damage when dropped. Yes, I really do drop my new beauty products on the floor to see which of them can take a licking. We should all be prepared to pack cosmetics that won’t fall apart in a purse or suitcase.

$18 is a pretty reasonable price for a mascara of this quality. (That’s the cost at the Beauty Addicts website.). There are even dedicated LashGalore fans who claim that the mascara has encouraged lash growth. We’re going to have to invest a few more weeks before deciding how believable things get with that claim. We’ll still be keeping an eye out for any encouraging signs.

Anne M. Raso is an entertainment/fashion/travel/beauty journalist living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In the past, she has been a NY Daily News, music columnist, Tiger Beat associate editor, and has written several books on teen celebs. She is a die-hard New Yorker and loves both high-end and bargain fashion finds--and covering New York events.