Lemons love us just as much as we love them, and they’re happy to show it with all kinds of spa-like pampering. While the possibilities are probably endless, here’s a list of some of our favorite beauty benefits of lemons.

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1. Lemons Help Oily Skin

Using lemon juice on your skin will help reduce oil and bacteria because it is a natural antiseptic. This will help prevent breakouts, and applying lemon juice directly onto acne can also help reduce its appearance.

2. Lemons Whiten Teeth

Mix lemon juice with a little bit of baking soda and you have yourself a natural whitener for your teeth. Just leave it on for a minute or so after applying and then gently brush, rinse, and smile.

3. Lemons Can Remove Calluses And Warts

Affixing the inside of a lemon peel (the white side) to a callus, corn or wart and leaving it there overnight will dry the imperfection out and cause it to fall off after about a week.

4. Lemons Lighten Scars And Other Discolorations.

Whether on a scar or on hyperpigmentation of the elbow or underarm due to more melanin (causes skin to appear darker) in certain spots, lemons are a natural bleaching agent and rubbing a cut lemon on the skin will lighten and reduce the appearance of any inconsistent colors or tints.

5. Lemons Exfoliate

Their drying capabilities make for a great natural exfoliating mask to remove dead skin, or even an overnight cure to chapped lips by simply applying and leaving lemon juice on your lips at bedtime, in the morning all of the dead skin will have dried enough to fall off leaving you with the smooth layer that was underneath.

6. Lemons Lighten And Help Grow Hair

Applying fresh lemon juice to your hair before heading out into the summer sun will not only help those natural lighter highlights shine through, but it will also help to keep your hair thick and healthy. Bonus: It also gets rid of dandruff.

7. Lemons Leave You With Less Wrinkles

Make face mask of lemon juice, honey and almond oil to leave on your face for about 20 minutes if you’d love to look a bit younger.

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How do you use lemons to beautify yourself?