I was excited as a New York lottery jackpot winner to check out BCBG Max Aria’s Resort 2014 Collection because I knew all the surprises there would be in store for me, especially in the Runway Collection. I have to say that the short, sexy filmy dresses they are known for are plentiful but there are much less of the bold florals we have been seeing during Sumer 2013 and there are some styles that defy description. There are sexy “overalls” where the pants part is really a skirt and the sides are so deeply cut, they hit the hip line (image below). Even the representative in the showroom did not know what to call theses, so I am going to settle on calling them “sexy jumpers.” For those not into bearing all, there are caftan style dresses with asymmetrical hemlines and floor length free size sleeveless dresses (both in light, silky material). Pants in the runway collection are also loose and flowing but there are one or two pairs of fitted shorts and even shorts with a leather trimmed halter top that can be removed. This collection is almost monochromatic, as the main colors are grey, black and white–with prints being kept low-key. Prices are not cheap–dresses range from $400 to $700.

BCBG Max Azria 2014 Resort
Photo courtesy of BCBG

The regular BCBG line is the most wearable and priced almost as well as BCBG Generation (which really aims at the junior fashionista set). Items run from about $60 to $300 and can be purchased at Saks and the BCBG stand alone stores. BCBG’ regular line seems to be aimed at 25 to 40s who like to keep up with trends without going over the top. There are generally very clean lines and the occasional surprise of soft buttery black leather trim on dresses and separates. BCBG is one of the masters of the youthful cocktail dress as demonstrated by the dozens you can always find on saks.com. Sure, a lot of them are short but there is really something for everyone–not to mention really tasteful gowns that come in at a reasonable $300 and that you probably can use time and time again due to their timeliness. You can clearly see influences of Audrey Hepburn as well as Greek goddesses in these silky creations usually made in solid, bold colors. In the new resort collection, there are many surprise lace details in both the cocktail dresses and gowns.

The aforementioned BCBG Generation gets  “out there” with a rock and roll attitude. The new pieces I checked out looked like what I would call “Williamsburg hipster chic”–the stylists teamed black wool berets with floor length zip up black dresses and then tied plaid flannel shirts around the waists of the mannequins in the showroom. The Generation line includes quilted jackets, white one-piece bathing suits with random script words across the front, plenty of sliding gold letter and leather band bracelets, and even faux fur vests. Some of the pieces–especially the blouses–look like they were inspired by vintage early and mid 60s looks. Prices are reasonable, with most of the blouses I pulled off the racks costing $50 and $60 and the leather band bracelet only costing $18 (although the sliding gold letters were additional). There are also some oddball scuba suit inspired dresses and separates with neon trim for someone who wants to start their own trend in resort wear!

BCBG Max Azria 2014 Resort 2
Photo courtesy of BCBG

The highest line of the House Of BSBG (as I like to call it) is Herve Leger. The famous Leger “bandage” dresses still take up the majority of the line and they are priced at $1500 to $2000 on the average. The bandage dresses are short, tight and bar and the “bandages” of fabric are sewn on in a horizontal direction. I would go as far to say that you could fit not much else besides a G-string under one of these but on the plus side, the fabric is so supportive and the bodices are cut in a way that you do not need to wear a bra. The bandage dress is a real “beautiful people” type of dress–something that perhaps Mariah Carey would wear to an awards dinner or Kim Kardashian would wear to launch a new fragrance. Are they for divas? Yes! Do you need to have a perfect body to wear one? Yes! Will you turn more heads than anyone else at an event? Yes! There are some beautiful Chanel-inspired dress jackets in this collection that could become lifetime pieces if you want to make an investment.

I say thumbs up to Lubov Azria of BCBG and her team for creating some of their own oddball trends with their new resort wear line! They design to the beat of their very own drummers but do not forget folks who do want some practicality in their wardrobes.

Anne M. Raso is an entertainment/fashion/travel/beauty journalist living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In the past, she has been a NY Daily News, music columnist, Tiger Beat associate editor, and has written several books on teen celebs. She is a die-hard New Yorker and loves both high-end and bargain fashion finds--and covering New York events.