Get ready to meet the chicest, most big-mouthed Barbie ever: Barbie Lagerfeld.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Mattel is launching a limited-edition Barbie doll, who will be dressed just like Chanel and Fendi head honcho Karl Lagerdeld or as we call him, Uncle Karl. In a sketch that was publicized by WWD and Lagerfeld’s Instagram, we see that Barbie has ditched her blonde locks and opted for grey instead. She of course has fingerless gloves, thick black sunglasses and a high collar that we assumed needed to be starched for days. Obviously, this is a look we’ve yet to see on our girl Barbie…and we kind of like it. “It’s not everyday that Barbie dresses like the world’s most famous fashion designer,” Global Vice President of Barbie product design told WWD.

Lagerfeld seems very excited about the collaboration. He Instagrammed the sketch with the caption: “Get ready to meet miss @Barbie Lagerfeld this fall!” And yes, Barbie Lagerfeld is indeed coming this fall as part of the Barbie Collector series. Unfortunately, this Karl Lagerfeld doll might only be coming to fruition because Mattel shares have taken a plunge, and the company needs some help. Either way, we think it’s definitely a fun concept for the fashion world. Especially since no doll has been dressed like the actual designer, rather she just wears the designer’s clothes as in the case with Cynthia Rowley, Anne Klein and Christian Louboutin.  Of course, she’ll be an adult toy  because the chances of a young child understanding why Barbie is dressed in black with grey hair might be the equivalent of explaining the birds and the bees.

Head over to Women’s Wear Daily for more information.

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