Culture Going, Going, Gone!

Going, Going, Gone!

Remember back in July when we learned that Mattel was coming out with a Karl Lagerfeld Barbie doll? Well, the day has finally come when the limited-edition doll would be available to the masses. The day has also come when the doll has completely sold out.

Net-a-Porter was selling 999 dolls at $200 a pop, and to our surprise, by 5 in the morning they were all gone! Barbie is dressed exactly like the Chanel designer, complete with fingerless gloves, thick black sunglasses and a high collared shirt. Mattel even dyed Barbie’s hair to match Uncle Karl’s white locks — pretty incredible. There are only two reasons we can think of that the doll sold out so quickly. One is, Karl Lagerfeld bought all of them for himself and Choupette, his cat. The other would be that Barbie fans just completely lost their minds for this particular look.

If you’re feeling a little bummed out about missing the opportunity to own your very own Barbie Lagerfeld doll, fret not. eBay is selling quite a few of them — for a pretty penny of course. From what we see, the cheapest one starts at around $800 with the most expensive going up to $3,400. Yes, for a Barbie doll. And yes, there are actually bids in place. If you are a collector, then it definitely is a must-have piece, as Global Vice President of Barbie product design told Women’s Wear Daily, it’s not everyday that Barbie dresses like the world’s most famous fashion designer. However, we have seen her in clothes by Cynthia Rowley, Anne Klein and Christian Louboutin.

We have to say, we wouldn’t pay $200 for the doll, but to be honest, Barbie does look pretty incredible. Head over to eBay to ante up for your own!

Would you pay a lot of money for Barbie Karl Lagerfeld?