We love the music festival style that’s been taking over the fashion scene lately, and now that Coachella is in full swing we can do nothing but obsess over all the chic looks from the event. The headbands are bigger, the crop tops are shorter, and shorts are basically underwear. That being said, bring on the bags.

Chic designer backpacks are, incredibly, totally a thing right now. Chanel seems to be leading the pack with the backpacks featured in their Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Celebrities have been scooping up this particular canvas backpack like crazy. The pack features a graffiti print of the designer logo and a multi-colored rope and clip, along with a logo key chain. According to the Chanel website, you can pick this little beauty up for a mere $3,400. Until that happens, we can just drool over the ones Chanel Iman and Kelly Osbourne purchased. They are, of course, wearing and using them at Coachella. Chiara Ferragni, Italian blogger and founder of The Blonde Salad, also has one. We seriously can’t help but be jealous.

chanel backpack
Would you believe fanny packs are back too? Some of them are cutely named “side bags” or “belt bags”, but we’re not fooled…we know exactly what we’re looking at. That seems to be beside the point though, because there are some seriously edgy packs for your fanny out on the market. As always, we love clothing site Nasty Gal for their lighthearted attitude towards fashion, and they have the cutest fanny pack in stock:

chanel backpack

The best thing about these two styles of bags is that they’re incredibly versatile and useful, especially if you are thinking of a way to tote around your must-haves at a music festival. Can’t say we ever thought we’d want a fanny pack, but we’ve seen weirder!

Photos via Chanel.com & Nastygal.com.