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Trusted hair product brand Aveda are known for their environmentally friendly collections and have several connections with charitable and environmental organizations such as CERES Principles (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies), the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well as countless others throughout the years. Known for their movement to help end product testing on animals, Aveda has been influential in helping to start the trend and commit other brands to do the same.  The brand has been recognized in various publications as well as granted awards including the 2004 PETA Proggy Award for Progress as the “Best Cruelty-Free Personal Care Products”. Acquired in 1997 by Estée Lauder Companies, the brand is the first beauty company in the industry to use 100% post consumer recycled packaging for skin care and hair styling product. This is a huge step for the beauty industry, and gives Aveda some well deserved brand recognition.

Most recently, the environmentalist brand takes on a new venture. This January, Aveda will be releasing their latest hair care collection, Invati. The hair care line is said to reduce hair loss by 33% in just 12 weeks and is 97% natural. The 3 part process helps users to achieve thicker, more luxurious, healthy hair. The Exfoliating Shampoo helps to remove excess sebum, renewing and stimulating the hair particles which leaves the scalp freshly cleaned. The Thickening Conditioner uses soy protein, sugar beet, and organic kukui nut  oil internally, penetrating all the way to the shaft of the hair particle to help thicken & grow. The third product in line for this collection is the Scalp Revitalizer. Filled with natural ingredients including ginseng and vitamin E, this can be used up to twice a day to help aid the hair growth process among the user. The Scalp Revitalizer stimulates the follicles of the hair when massaged in a circular motion on the scalp.

Everyone naturally loses hair from brushing, styling and processing, or even natural breakage. The best thing about the Invati line soon to be introduced by Aveda is that all of these products are safe to use on a daily basis and won’t leave your scalp or hair follicles feeling dry and washed up. The 3 product collection helps to naturally hydrate hair, keeping it shiny and beautiful, all while preventing breakage.


Invati Conditioner


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