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The Beautiful Benefits of Lemons

lemon face
Lemons love us just as much as we love them, and they're happy to show it with all kinds of spa-like pampering. While the...

Photoshoot of the Day: Emma Watson for Elle April 2014

EW elle cover april 2014
Emma Watson decided to take some time off from acting for herself after basically an entire childhood of being Hermione, and unlike the majority...

Lululemon’s New Line is Happy Hour Appropriate

Photo via Huffington Post Hate carrying around a change of clothes between the gym, work, the bar, and all of the other places you just...

Vivienne Westwood Showers to Promote World Water Day

lrwen scott
  Vivienne Westwood takes a shower to promote World Water Day via Telegraph - 72 year old Dame Vivienne Westwood says "I am an eco-warrior, but I take...