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Our 5 Favorite Fall Fashion and Beauty Campaigns

Alexander McQueen Fall Fashion Campaign
A week ago, Racked.com released a list of 10 of the best fall fashion and beauty campaigns, covering major companies, from Dior to Tom...

5 DIY Scarves for the Fall Season

DIY Fall Scarves
For this DIY Thursday, we're getting ready for fall. We know, we know, bringing up fall at the beginning of August is like talking...

Photoshoot of the Day: Selena Gomez for i-D Magazine

Selena Gomez i-D Magazine
Selena Gomez is no stranger to magazine cover shoots, but her trip across the pond to pose for i-D Magazine took a lot of...

Etsy Wednesday: Ear Cuffs!

Ear Cuffs Etsy
While some trends from the '90s were put to bed for a reason (read: cargo shorts and platform flip flops), it looks like the...

Photoshoot of the Day: Chloe Moretz for Glamour Magazine

Chloe Moretz
It's hard to believe that someone born in 1997 has already made such a splash in the movie industry and the fashion industry, but...

You Could Be a Kardashian-Jenner for the Day

Yesterday, Kris Jenner announced the launch of an incredible opportunity: to be a Kardashian-Jenner for a day. Honestly, who could ask for more? It's...