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Etsy Wednesday: 10 Cozy Handmade Slippers

Felted wool slippers
Want to keep your feet warm in this winter weather? Etsy has you covered with a wide selection of handmade slippers. Whether you want...

Model to Watch: Liene Podina

Liene Podina of One Management
A quick Google search for "Liene Podina" won't yield too many results -- yet. That's because at just 20 years old, this Latvian beauty...

Etsy Wednesday: 10 Handmade Hair Accessories

Handmade gold feather headband
Looking for a cute clip or headband to dress up your 'do? Look no further than Etsy. You'll find handmade hair accessories that are...

Etsy Wednesday: 8 Faux Fur Fashions

Faux fur hood
Looking for stylish ways to stay warm as the weather gets cold? Don't drop hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on retail furs. On Etsy,...

Designer Black Friday Deals For the Fashionista

Black Friday deals 2013 at OtteNY.com
Just about every fashionista lives for Black Friday. It's one of the few days of the year that we can count on incredible deals...

Fashion and Beauty Advice from RuPaul

When most people think of cutting edge fashion icons, drag queens probably aren't the first people who come to mind. But "ladyboys" and "T-girls"...

Rihanna’s Risqué Goth-Inspired Photoshoot

Last month, Rihanna donned a shockingly modest outfit and traditional Islamic hijab head covering to pose for photographs in front of the Grand Mosque...

5 DIY Cosmetic Recipes for the Crafty Beauty Lover

Are you still shelling out top dollar for cosmetics that are made of unpronounceable chemicals? You can make beauty products like eyeshadow, lip gloss...

MotoCorsa’s “Manigale” Series Stars Men as Motorcycle Babes

MotoCorsa Ad - MANIgale - Men as Motorcycle Babes
As anyone who's ever seen just about any advertising campaign knows, sex sells. In order to appeal to the heterosexual male market, advertisers place stick-thin female...


rebecca swift makeup artist

OMG: Makeup Artist Transform Into EVERY Celebrity

If you need another reminder of the power of makeup, just take a look about makeup artist and musician Rebecca Swift. Swift has started a challenge, where...