One of the best things about Ellen DeGeneres’ show is that it’s the only one Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ever seem to want to go on.

The show will air on Friday, but lucky for us, we got to see a short YouTube video of the Olsen Twins discussing their new fragrances, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black. When DeGeneres asked why they decided to go with two scents, the answer was kind of usual. “It kind of started with the packaging,” Ashley said. “Someone a part of Sephora, they said ‘why don’t we just do another fragrance?'” Mary-Kate chimed in. “And it made sense because our brand is about duality and we wanted to be able to offer options.” The two noted that one has a sandalwood and vanilla scent, while the other has a peony and musk smell.

They then proved just how awesome they are by playing the game “Me or Her” where DeGeneres asks them a bunch of questions, and they have to answer which the question applies to more. Our favorite was when Ellen asked “who is a better singer?” Their reply was hilarious. “I don’t think we’re very good singers,” Ashley said.

Their perfumes are available exclusively at Sephora. A 1.75 oz of either will cost you $75, but the roll-ons are only $22 each — not too bad!

Watch the video below, and head over to Ellen DeGeneres’ website to see more from her show. H/T Just Jared. 

Michelle Manetti is a graduate of Pace University and has a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration of Media Studies. She met Marc Jacobs in an elevator once. She also believes that yoga, Liquiteria and a Hunter Thompson book could save the world.