Celebrities are, by nature, fashionable creatures. There’s nothing we love more than sifting through fashion magazines or watching the latest red carpet event to see what amazing (and sometimes crazy) fashion trends celebs are trying. In most of these magazines, you’ll see the same celebrities highlighted for their killer fashion senses: Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, Emma Stone, the list goes on and on. And don’t get us wrong, we love swooning over these fashion mavens, but there are plenty of celebs out there whose killer fashion sense is going (sadly) unnoticed. Let’s put the spotlight on some of these underrated celebrities and hail them for their almighty fashion sense!

1. Ashley Benson

ashley benson style

Whether she’s wearing a beanie and a leather jacket or a long gown, Ashley Benson kills it. Please, please let her become even more famous so we can watch her continue to kill it on the red carpet!

2. Solange Knowles


YES, her sister is Beyoncé and YES, Beyoncé is perfect, but it’s about time we start appreciating Solange as well! If you’re in need of any further proof, please reference her wedding pictures. Just try not to be overwhelmed by her perfection.

3. Uzo Aduba


Crazy eyes, crazy style! Uzo always looks classy and elegant on the red carpet.

4. Sophia Bush

ashley benson

Sophia Bush is so stylish that she played a teenager who started her own fashion line on TV (TBT to One Tree Hill). While OTH might not be relevant anymore, her fashion sense certainly is. (Also, just kidding, OTH will always be relevant).

5. Shay Mitchell

ashley benson style

Ashley Benson’s fellow pretty little liar certainly deserves a spot on this list. Her Instagram account accurately captures her perfection.

Do you love Ashley Benson’s style?

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