Designer Anya Hindmarch better watch her back after this one.

According to Styleite, Hindmarch or someone from her marketing team, posted a photo on Twitter of the “Crisp Pocket Clutch” Solange Knowles was using during the 2014 Met Gala. The caption reads: “The Crisp Packet Clutch: worth fighting for.”


Of course, the designer is referring to the mega brawl that happened between Knowles and her brother-in-law Jay Z, just hours after the two attended the Met Gala. In the video, we can see Knowles hitting Jay with the hand that is holding the clutch — ouch. It quickly falls to the floor — later on it looks like Jay picks it up, because clearly it’s a nice friggin purse.

So nice in fact, it costs a cool $1,670. Yeah, we definitely wouldn’t be brawling with a pricey clutch like that in our hands (we wouldn’t be brawling at all, but you get what we’re saying.)

solange knowlesGetty image

Comments from fans of the brand have been positive. And you have to admit, it’s a pretty clever slogan, although we’re not sure Knowles will see it that way. Chances are she won’t be using that purse again. Neither Beyonce, Jay Z or Solange’s reps have commented on the incident. Beyonce did however post a slew of Instagram photos to her account on Wednesday featuring her and her sister. We’re not sure exactly what this means, but we assume Bey is trying to show love and support for her sister during this harsh time.

Head over to Stylelite for more information. 

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