We’re always looking for unique and one-of-a-kind items to showcase in your homes. It helps when said item can serve dual purposes, which is why we’re so in love with hand mirrors. Whether you want to keep one in your bedroom to gaze at yourself or use it to decorate your space, owing one of these accessories just add a certain level of class and chic to your life. That’s why we rounded up seven gorgeous antique hand mirrors from Etsy that will definitely make you and your home the fairest of them all. Scroll through and let us know which is your favorite!

1. French Victorian bronze hand mirror | CrystalBlueVintage $59.50

etsy 1

This antique bronze mirror is timeless. We LOVE!

2.  Gold Vanity Set with Ormolu Leaf Accents | PrimaTreasures  $60.00

etsy 2

We gush over this 3-piece gold vintage set with ormolu leaf accents. So pretty.

3.  Vintage Gold Toned Hand Mirror | Maliasmark  $16.95

etsy 3

This mirror is functional for decor or use. We love the simplicity.

4. Victorian Porcelain back hand mirror | BJsyesterday  $55.00

etsy 4

This early 1900’s hand mirror is breathtaking. We love the flowers and the brass tone handle!

5. 1960 Hollywood Regency Mirrors |  vintagedottirose  $38.00

etsy 5

This gorgeous vanity set reminds us of Bell’s (from Beauty and the Beast) mirror. No matter the age, we will always love those Disney princesses!

6.  French Vanity Set | VintageDottiRose $38.00

vintage hand mirrors

Can’t afford to take a flight to Paris right now? Add a little Parisian glamour to your life with this set.

7.  Brush and Mirror Set | The Birdcage Vintage $36.62

vintage hand mirrors

This set is either from the 1970s or the 1980s and we think it’s the perfect retro piece for you.

 Which of these antique hand mirrors is your favorite?

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