It’s no secret that the modeling industry has been under fire for decreasing their diversity. There’s a new agency that has established itself as part of a cure to the problem. Meet the Anti-Agency, a London-based modeling firm that focuses on the personalities, not waist size, of their models.




image via the Anti-Agency

The Anti-Agency proudly represents nearly 50 “Anti-Models”, men and women who range different types of personalities. The firm has already booked with big names like Doc Marten’s, Junkfood Clothing, and Urban Outfitters since they opened their doors in 2013. Founders Lucy Greene and Pandora Lennard boast an impressive ten plus years of fashion experience to bring to their “Anti-Models”.

They further explain their vision on the website:

“Our models aren’t just clothes horses; we focus on hand selecting London based girls and boys with personality, individual style and talent. The agency is for people who could’ve been models and decided not to, for people who are too cool to be models and people with real lives on the verge of exploding in music, fashion, art, illustration & creative industries etc. We’re here to provide casting solutions for companies and to promote people we believe in.”

They strike down the walls of what it means to look like a “model” with their mission. Those casted at the modeling agency represent all types, from people covered in tattoos and piercings to others with brightly dyed hair. Height and weight are not important to the agency- personality and style is key if you want to be a part of the team.
Thinking of trying to become one of their “Anti-Models”? Check out their website for instructions.