Releasing on March 9th, the Marni for H&M collection has already started to create a ton of buzz surrounding the new clothing line. With endless bloggers updating on new looks being revealed, ourselves included, and even a Sophia Coppola directed commercial; it’s hard not to be hyped over the Marni for H&M release. With prices capping off at $129 for the jackets and coats, the collection makes the Italian label quite a bit more affordable with accessories starting around $19.90.  We love for posting the entire collection for our viewing pleasure, and cannot resist plugging their latest giveaway for not one – but two pieces from Marni for H&M. Click Here to enter now. With Marni for H&M, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the low price tags. In fact, the menswear even looks good enough for us to wear as well! With all this hype and a March 9th release, we can anticipate that the looks will sell out in record times!


Silk Skirt, $59.95; Necklace, $49.95; Jacket, $79.95

Silk Cardigan $79.95; Shoes $99; Silk Scarf $19.95

Silk Dress: $79.95; Bracelet: $29.95; Sunglasses $19.95

Wool Cardigan $69.95; Socks $9.95; Swimsuit $39.95

Pants $79.95; Leather Top $149; Sequin Collar $19.95

Silk Blouse $99; Sleeveless Jacket $99; Leggings $39.95

Jacket $99, Skirt $59.95, Shoes $99

Trousers $59.95; Hat $9.95; Shirt $79.95

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