On Sunday November 3rd, YouTube held its first YouTube Music Awards. The awards, which we broadcast live on the site were hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts, and despite being a recipe for awesome the event was a bit of a flop. Only about 220,000 people tuned in, which is just a fraction of what other award shows like the VMAs get.

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The night was filled with gimicky banter, and things falling a little flat. Iconic performers like Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga and Eminem created live music videos during the show, and while Arcade Fire’s show opener went over well viewership dropped after Lady Gaga performed “Dope.” Later on in the night Eminem and MIA did not manage to draw more viewers. And this isn’t because the awards show was streamed entirely on YouTube. Music festival Coachella has been streaming on YouTube for a few years now and draws over a million viewers. So why the award show fell a little flat is unknown.

Ever since its inception in 2005, YouTube has helped artists get their creations out into the world. The website has helped people generate buzz, and even was the reason that some popular musicians today are where they are now. Musicians are not the only people who benefit from YouTube, but they are definitely some of the more successful people to come out of the site. The YouTube music awards wanted to celebrate that, as well as showcase how influential it is in the music world.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were awarded breakthrough of the year, while Taylor Swift’s “Trouble” won YouTube phenomenon. K-Pop girl group Girls Generation won the award for video of the year, beating out Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and One Direction. Bieber and One Direction also got beat out for artist of the year by Eminem.

Did you watch the YouTube Music Awards?

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