Starved is an online magazine/community that provides young and talented artists with a plethora of mediums through which to promote themselves. It aims to redefine the elitist by highlighting individuals who are slightly off the beaten track, whose talents are undermined or unrecognized. One of their popular columns, StylePro File, recently showcased the very beautiful and fashionable Angela Simmons with a short Q&A and an accompanying cute-but-sexy photo shoot.

Simmons is no stranger to fame and fortune; after all, she is the daughter of the legendary Run-D.M.C as well as the niece of Russell Simmons. Growing up, she was constantly surrounded by successful artists and Hollywood socialites, a fact that both nurtured and stifled her own development as an individual. She had every resource available at her disposal but finding her own two feet amid her star-studded family proved to be very difficult. However, Simmons eventually found a niche of her own in the fashion world. She now runs her own website called, where she hand picks designers and features/sells their products. The site has given her a place to express her own, individual style and share it with the world. Her identity is all her own and she no longer is known as “Run-D.M.C’s daughter.” She is Angela Simmons and she is kicking ass.

You can read the whole Q&A with the budding fashionista here.

all images via Bukunmi Grace/Starved