Australian model, Andreja Pejic, has made evolving career movements in the fashion industry. This past summer, Pejic came out as a transgender woman who changed her name from Andrej to Anderja. Coming from a Serbian refugee camp during the Bosian War to the modeling world, she is a perfect candidate to film a documentary describing her struggles and triumphs. After her sexual reassignment surgery, she and personal friend and filmmaker, Michael Hirschorn, started shooting right away. She shared her challenging times she faced throughout her life and the pressure to remain male. “I hope by sharing my humanity, pain, tears, laughter, joy, and biggest struggles on film, it will shed light on what it means to live as a transgender individual,” Pejic shares.

The majority of the documentary will be focused on Pejic’s life and the industry’s attitude towards gender identity. Although she isn’t the first transgender model,  she has gotten the most recognition from it by being a mainstream fashion model making a  platform for the LGBT community. She has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the documentary for securing distribution, licensing, a travel budget, and legal fees.

“You see we live in a world that doesn’t like, trust, or respect transgender people. It felt like there were two options for me. I could transition, forget about my past, hide it, live in fear. Or I could be proud, share my story with the world, and hope that it does some good.”

Her powerful and courageous journey will pave monumental strides for future transgender models breaking into the fashion industry. To learn more about the documentary, watch the video below, and be sure to visit her Kickstarter page.


Will you watch the Andreja Pejic Documentary?


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