There are 99 days until the Opening Ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Yesterday, with 100 days to do, Ralph Lauren debuted the uniforms the U.S. team will be wearing at the Opening and Closing ceremonies and we are pleasantly surprised. Our team is going to look classy and patriotic in their uniforms, which involve two sweaters, a double breasted wool coat and black boots.

Ralph Lauren has been dressing the American Olympians since 2008, although last time did not go as smoothly as they would have hoped. The uniforms were made entirely in America this year, after Lauren received a lot of flack for the 2012 London Games uniforms being produced overseas. Although finding manufacturers in America that could make the quantity of high quality items that are needed to suit up for the Olympics, the brand did it and our team is going to look awesome. Under Armour and North Face are also designing the uniforms that teams like the Speed skaters will be competing in.

The best part? Aside from the reindeer sweater, of course. Starting November 15th, the entire line will be available for purchase through Ralph Lauren’s website. So just in time for the holidays, you can start dressing like an Olympian. We are drooling at our desks over the wool coat and if we were headed to Sochi we would definitely sport one to support the team. We may invest in one of those reindeer sweaters for the office Holiday party though. How could you not? It is absolutely perfect for a ridiculous sweater party. Ridiculous in a good way though.

We can’t wait to see the team enter the games in these uniforms, and we can’t wait to see what the other countries will be wearing. We have included photos of some of the pieces that the team will be sporting. Which ones will make your wish list this season?

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Which Ralph Lauren Olympic Uniforms have been your favorite so far?

photos via Buzzfeed


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