It seems like Amanda Bynes thinks that orange is indeed the new black.

According to TMZ, the recently-returned-to-New-York actress, has been accused of shoplifting from Barneys on Madison Avenue. Bynes reportedly tried to steal a $200 hat. We originally assumed it was for when she rides in cars, because she HATES the way she looks in cars, but instead, Bynes said she was being chased through the store by fans and needed the cap to cover herself. It seems like the security guards believed her because they let her go, even though four cops were called to the scene. However, she isn’t off the hook completely. Girl signed a no-trespass agreement. That’s right Bynes got banned from Barneys. Good Lort.

amanda bynes

This is just one of numerous situations Bynes has found herself in since retuning to the Big Apple. She almost ran down all the tourist on 34th Street on a Citi Bike and reportedly screamed at a photographer after he took her picture at a party. We’re not exactly sure what happened to our beloved Judge Trudy. She seemed to be doing fine in California, studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, but now everything seems to have gone hundred steps backwards — including the fact that she was arrested for a DUI.

We all know she isn’t the only actress to steal from Barneys (we’re looking at you Winona Ryder), but let’s just say… bring in the dancing lobsters.  Head over to TMZ for more information.

amanda bynes


What do you think is going on with Amanda Bynes?