Alicia Keys’ Givenchy ad is here, and it’s pretty breathtaking.

The 33-year-old is all sorts of beautiful as she poses for Givenchy’s Dahlia Divin fragrance, while wearing a stunning gold dress. Her hair is pulled back and her skin is just flawless. The perfume will be available in the fall, and according to Women’s Wear Daily, it has notes of jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood, a combination Keys absolutely loved. “This scent is grounded, but still has a femininity that is very earthy, and I love that,” she said.

alicia keys givenchy ad

She also explained how she got involved with the fragrance in the first place. After all, she has a lot on her plate — between music, acting and being a mom, the girl’s busy! But because Keys would be dealing Givenchy‘s Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci, she was totally on board. “Spiritually we’re a lot alike. The fashion world can make you a little soulless. So when I met him, it was nice to see that he’s really soulful. He did this awesome thing with me on the 10th anniversary of my first album. We did four intimate shows with just me on the piano, and he designed the look for them. It was heavy metal — everything of his is just really heavy,” she said, “but it was supercool. As time passed, [this fragrance campaign] came to fruition. I love what Givenchy is about. Givenchy is this timeless, chic, but very strong woman, but with an edgier, almost street feel. I love that she’s raw, but she’s powerful — and that’s who I believe I am, too.” 

Well, obviously.

Head over to Women’s Wear Daily to read more with Keys.

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