If you’ve never shopped in an IKEA store, I can’t decide if I want to call you lucky or not. Yes, IKEA is filled with cheap home furnishings that, if you can decipher the instructions, are relatively simple to assemble. Considering it houses thousands of functional and moderately stylish items, IKEA is a dream. But it can also be a nightmare.

Put aside the fact that they might not carry that Malm bedframe you so desparately want, and just focus for a second on the sheer size of IKEA. Absolutely massive. There is probably nowhere on Earth that is easier to get lost than in an IKEA showroom, so it’s only appropriate (and accurate) that it be compared to the infinite depths of outer space.

Comedians Daniel Hubbard and Alex Viola play off this concept to make a hilarious and on-point trailer parody of the recent blockbuster film Gravity called “Alfonso Cuarón’s IKEA.”  This is definitely fitting, because space is probably the only place bigger than IKEA. Hubbard and Viola’s video is a pretty close replica of the actual Gravity trailer. It features a couple shopping in IKEA when the inevitable happens — the girlfriend gets lost deep in the bowels of the massive store. The team shot the video in an actual IKEA store, and it’s amazing that they didn’t get kicked out, which is probably further proof of how large the stores are. Viola does a great job of portraying all of the panic you might feel if you got lost in an IKEA — I was a little nervous for her. Does she find her partner? Do they end up buying anything at all?

If you enjoyed this parody and want to see how it measures up to the real thing, here is the actual official Gravity trailer.