Well ladies and gentlemen, another designer collaboration has come to an end.

Alexander Wang x HM launched on November 6th, and of course, fashionistas everywhere lost their damn minds! At first, it was nearly impossible to get H&M’s website to load. That’s right, there were so many people on hm.com, that the website completely crashed and revealed this sad message:

alexander wang hmHowever, here in the office, we were able to get one computer to actually access the site and we waited for what seemed like forever for the site to load. We were happy to snag two sports bras and a pair of shorts. To be honest, it took about a good 20 minutes for the order to go through. We then received an email telling us that one of the items we “order” was no longer available. However, it was an item we never actually bought, so we’re not sure what that’s about.

Anyway! If you aren’t cray like us, or you just couldn’t waste 20 minutes of your work day shopping online, you’re out of luck. Nearly everything is sold out, except for a few things like the black tank top, yoga mat, bikini (which is actually such a good deal!), and the padded leather jacket. However, if you’re really desperate for some #wangxhm gear, you can head over to eBay, where people are selling the items for an insane amount of money.

Ah, isn’t fashion a crazy thing? Head over to H&M to see if anything is still available!

Did you snag anything from the Alexander Wang x HM collection?